Saturday, June 29, 2013

September Murder-He Who Invokes Decadence

Self-Released/Independent Recording

Most people who truly know me, the real me that is too often hidden behind this computer, would attest to the fact that as since as I can be I am also cynical. Whether it's movies, TV shows or music it doesn't matter. I can always be found disproving of something or nit-picking this or that. I've worked hard on controlling that aspect of my being...the natural negativity. I've come a long way though and, but I do admit that the old Andy might be hiding out in the dark, cold and empty, although thinner then it has been in a long time, recesses of my heart. It just is what it is. What does that half to do with this album then? Well, even if natural circumstances cursed me to walk the longest road, which is naturally empty by default, there are moments when I find that no negativity has arisen and I can just enjoy something for what it is. All of that brings us around then to September Murder. Everything, and I mean everything, about this band I like. I like the name (actually I love the name for reasons unknown even to me!) and I love the album's title. I love the artwork and the chilled feeling it conveys. But, most of all I love this German acts take on death metal. Formed in 2005 the band has a demo, an EP and one other album under their collective belts. Therefore this makes the sophomore effort for this act which, at around 50 minutes, is perhaps a little too long for it's own good, but it's all good. The band, no doubt spoon feed in their youth a thousand different death metal groups, doesn't do anything overly special and yet there is just something about the group's energy and enthusiasm, not to mention their ability to change things up within the songs, that I really dig. Even if it's not perfect or the most 100% original death metal I've heard I just really dug what these Germans were doing on "He Who Invokes Decadence". You can stream this one for yourself below and, as always, feel free to disagree, but something tells me that these lads are on the right path.

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