Friday, July 05, 2013

Ungrace-Feed The Demons

Metal Scrap Records

Have a craving for something fresh when it comes to your death metal? Are you bored with all of these bands who play things far too close to the chest for comfort? We all know the kind. They end up coming across as cookie-cuter versions of better bands from the past or even the present. That's where this Ukrainian group comes in. What makes them so different? Well, first off Ungrace was formed back in 2009 with their debut album, "Hostile Revival", being released the following year. While do Ungrace offer up brutalizing death metal it's intertwined with industrial metal. That might not being anything new in and off itself, but in addition to giving their death metal the industrialized once over it also comes with a side-dish of heavy as hell groove metal! That's not something you stumble onto everything day. When it comes to variety in the world of heavy metal (or in this case the world of death metal) there's always something new to be found, but it's kind of odd to find a band like this I'd argue. It all works though. Everything they utilize just gels together making this one more then just another stale death metal band. Worth checking out if you're looking for more then just another paint-by-numbers death metal outfit.

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