Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wormburner-Today Might Be Our Day 7"

Negative Fun Records
Can it really be true? Are we in the midst of a real, honest to goodness, no-strings-attached rock band? They still exist? These days all we seem to hear any more is corporate, suit and tie, commercialized "rock" with no heart and no soul. Is there something more then that? That was and still is the question that weighs heavy on those of us old enough to remember when rock music actually cut itself on the stage. Hearts would be bleeding and guitars would be screaming as real musicians, or rather true artists, helped us deal with passion and pain that seemed to surround our everyday lives. Yes, that seems like such a long time ago doesn't it? There's new hope though. Maybe we can actually have that kind of sincere rock back. As we turn towards Hoboken, NJ-based Wormburner we see that there's a new sense of hopeful optimism on the horizon. On this limited edition 7" (100 copies pressed on purple vinyl and 400 copies pressed on black vinyl) Wormburner offer's up two delightfully rugged tracks of homegrown rock. The group is lead by vocalist/12-string acoustic guitarist Hank Henry whose vocals betray a man who has witnessed both the innocence and horror that keeps this world hanging by a tiny tread. While this isn't the group's latest work (2 full-length albums exist and the band is currently working on a third one) it could possibly be the most timely. Backed by a talented bunch of musicians in Paul McDaniel  (electric guitar/bass guitar/ tambourine),  Alec Senese (bass guitar), Terry Solomone (electric guitar/acoustic guitar/moog synthesizer, percussion and Jim Spengler  (drums) our faithful lead vocalist Hank Harry leads the way towards salvation. Really he doesn't so much as sing to us as he preaches. In his hand's the rock of Wormburner takes on a different direction. If you can imagine all those emotional alternative rock bands that had plagued us during the 90s getting their collective asses kicked/owned by a garage rock band that grew up comfortably nestled in the shadows of artists like U2, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Midnight Oil, The Clash, The Smiths, R.E.M., The Violet Femmes, The Replacements and Dinosaur Jr. As the beneficiaries of such a natural eduction it would be inevitable that Wormburner would evolve into this down to earth and yet gritty rock and roll band. While we might not be able to fit this group into a nice and neat tiny box (with a bow to match!) thanks to their down home individual sound as Billy Joel once sang "It's still rock and roll to me!". So, get this 7" and love this 7" for it's the real deal in a world full of imitations. Did I mention that B-side features Luna's Sean Eden on electric guitar? No? Well, that's just the cherry on top!

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