Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ambush-Demo Tape


I'm far beyond the point of being surprised when some new "latest & greatest" heavy metal band pops up from Sweden. Don't mistake that statement for cynicism though. Anymore it's almost a given that if you wait long enough (like say 5 minutes or so LOL!) some new band will arrive on the scene and prove that yes, Sweden really does seem to be the center of the universe when it comes to ass-kicking, old-school heavy metal! This one, which was formed on November 27th in 2012 and, well,  let's just let re-post the part that hooked me (in regards to the band forming on said day back in November of 2012): "...five guys were sitting in a basement and shared a couple of beers, listening to old school 80’s Heavy Metal. In the middle of all joviality, they somehow felt nostalgic and a bit frustrated that various new productions could not measure up to the old pure masterpieces. They decided to do something about it and as a result, Ambush was born". And that's it. Otherwise I have the band members involved, but no one is listed as to who plays what. Instead the information, which I originally scanned on my friend Stappado's site: , is somewhat vague. We've got:
Linus Fritzson
Olof Engkvist
Oskar Jacobsson
Ludwig Sjöholm
Adam Hagelin

OK, not that it matters as it's the music that it's all about right? Well, first off don't let the "demo tape" tag mislead you. This one sounds amazing (in a perfectly blissful combination of old school and modern production) and is available on all the usual digital sites (iTunes, Amazon, etc.). The 4-track EP really had me feeling good as this Tygers Of Pan Tang meets Demon vibe laid down soft kisses on my ear drums! On the off chance that some record label might be reading this then here's a bit of advice: SIGN THIS GROUP! Considering all of the crap retro heavy metal acts that have already flushed away the joy that is sincere heavy metal and what not it's band's like this that are the real deal and will serve as the true saviors of real traditional heavy metal! Ambush, who share a similar name with more then a few other groups (including, confusingly enough, an older Ambush also from Sweden), come off less as some novelty act (despite how they may have come together initially) and more as a band playing music that comes naturally from their souls. Given the fact that this digital EP is really inexpensive (less then $4.00) it's a no-brainer for fans of the NWOBHM scene or traditional heavy metal in general. Let's just hope though that this is just the start for this Ambush and that as time goes by we get better (read: LONGER) releases that would really shine of vinyl! 

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