Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tumbleweed Dealer's Self-Titled Album To Get LP Release!

Originally a independent release, and a very cool one at that, the self-titled album from Tumbleweed Dealer is going to be released on vinyl on 9/18 by Mind Control Records. If you're not familiar with the name, or for that matter the album in question, I've attached my original review of this album at the bottom of this announcement. In a nutshell the "group" features the pair of  Seb Painchaud (Unquintessence, Vatican, Winter Bestowed, Trails of Anguish, The Last Felony and many, many more!) and Carl Borman (Dopethrone, Downtrodden) doing what they do best. In other words the sound is a wonderfully bizarre mixture of stoner rock, blues rock, doom, drone and western music (yes, even western music!) all mashed together into what could best be described as a soundtrack to a movie that doesn't even exist! Pre-orders for this truly unique and ever so cool album have already begun so if your taste in music sometimes finds you craving something that is a little bit more left-of-center (or just downright wild!) then this just might be what the doctor ordered! Find out more at the links below!
  Pre-order the LP here:
 Read my original review of this wild and crazy album here: 

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