Friday, November 15, 2013

Running Death-The Call of Extinction


Active since 2004, Running Death are a four-piece German thrash act (imagine that!) whose latest release, the five-track EP, "The Call of Extinction", has made an undeniable impression and hasn't left my playlist since I first clicked on the opening cut "Unleashed"! This EP, which is the follow-up to the group's 2010 EP, "Raging Nightmare" (Running Death also have a 2007, four-track demo on their resume), was actually issued at the very start of 2012 (the end of February to be exact). Of course (usually) I try to stir clear of "older" releases like this, but seeing as this one struck all the right cords (and given the fact that it is delivered with the kind of real technical procession that you usually only find in the likes of Testament, Sadus and Megadeth) it would have been criminal to keep this EP all to myself! Simon, who handles lead vocals and guitars, is probably the only hint that this is Teutonic thrash metal as the band's expertly crafted material is delivered in such a manor that one can't help but have visions of cult U.S. bands like Intruder and I.N.C. (Indestructible Noise Command)! Joining Simon on "The Call of Extinction" (which, incidentally, is one killer title track!) we find Julian (guitar and "shouts") Vigi (bass) and Jakob (drums) and, collectively, the four musicians do seem as if their chosen style of thrash draws more from the American metal scene (Megadeth, Testament, Metallica, Sacred Reich, Vio-lence, Exodus and the aforementioned Intruder and I.N.C.) then it does the German! Not that that is a bad thing or anything. Far from it if you ask me! Running Death, whose moniker does make me think of Running Wild honestly, may only sound a bit like a "normal" German thrash band (in this case it's mostly Kreator if you were to go out looking for similar sounding bands, but even that would be a bit of a stretch), but who cares! They pull of a great thrash metal sound that is sorely missing in today's scene and they do it without sounding like they are all about rocking out "retro" style! This world of ours has puked up more then enough "retro-thrash worship" for my tastes and I know I'm not alone in that feeling. For bands like this particular four-piece it's all about understanding your roots and then applying then in a fashion where you're not looking back but rather looking at the present and where you can (naturally) evolve your music. Hopefully we'll see more from this band in 2014 and get more kick ass thrash along the lines of  "The Call of Extinction"!

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