Monday, April 28, 2014

Free Metal Monday: Iron Regan-Spoiled Identity


This Monday's freebie is not so much "metal" per say. Or at least not on this (Richmond-based) band's latest 13-track release, "Spoiled Identity". As some of you may recall Iron Regan, whose 2013 full-length debut album, "Worse Than Dead", I covered last year (, is a side-project featuring members of Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour. While the band's debut-album was (thrash-tinged) crossover (sounding not at all unlike a punk/hardcore version of Municipal Waste) "Spoiled Identity" drops a lot of the more metal moments and instead focuses on straight-up hardcore punk. With this "Name Your Price" download, which will also be available as a flexi 7" through Decibel Magazine, the band speeds through 13 tracks in under five minutes! While the title cut clocks in at a minute and four seconds the majority of these "songs" run the length of twenty seconds or so! Mind you some of these "songs" are just sample clips, but still it's all good in the hood as this is one of those records that you could blast in it's entirety before your neighbors would even have time to call 911 to complain about the noise! Now that's cool!

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