Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Silent Wake-Silver Under Midnight

Bombworks Records

Released on Bombworks Records (a subsidiarity of Retroactive Records, both of which specialize in Christian metal) last summer, "Silver Under Midnight", which was produced by Greg Chandler of Esoteric fame over the course of (only) four days(!), was the fifth full-length from the UK's My Silent Wake. Having just recently reviewed their sixth full-length release (the independently-released acoustic album, "Preservation Restoration Reconstruction" which you can read about here: my curiosity was peaked for an electrified interpretation of this doom/death outfit with goth-rock overtones. Of course the electrified version of My Silent Wake is the day to day version/key operations of this band which resides on the South West side of England. And with June's "Silver Under Midnight" it's quite obvious that this doom/death has their "normal" sound down pat and man alive if it isn't on the lethal side of the spectrum! Opening with the brief instrumental number "Midnight", "Silver Under Midnight" finds My Silent Wake working with guests like the above mentioned Greg Chandler (also with Lychgate and formerly of ex-Pantheist (live) the album's producer does WONDERS here given the fact that he only had four days to record everything!) and Martin Bowes (Attrition) with their fifth full-length album running the gamut from a track like (album single) "The Last Man" (80's goth rock as interpreted by a nineties (heavy rock) doom band!) to doom thrasher "Wars" with numbers such as "Destroyer", "Oblivion" and "My Killer" showing off the ease in which band-founder Ian Arkley (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and percussion) and companions Kate Hamilton (bass, dulcimer) and drummer Mark Henry are able to lay down FANTASTIC doom/death! After closing with the EPIC 14-minute plus "Third Season" My Silent Wake's "Silver Under Midnight" leaves you more then just satisfied. Rather this full-length studio album leaves you breathless! How an album like this one, which was recorded in only four, turned out this spectacular is mysterious. We're talking mere days here when album's which have taken years  to record pale in comparison, doom/death or not! How it is that My Silent Wake isn't more well-known is also a question, make that even larger mystery, in need of explanation. Especially as there is little here to suggest that My Silent Wake couldn't easily overtake the more talked about/marketed names in the doom/death scene! The natural ability of bandleader Ian Markey (as both a musician and a songwriter!) is evident as this album unfolds and if these seven tracks alone don't speak volumes as to unmistakeably strength that is at the core of this English band the clearly people need to check their hearing (and credentials!) at the door as this trio SLAYED with "Silver Under Midnight"! This my friends is everything I love about doom metal and death metal as performed by a highly creative and constructive metal act and had I covered this last year it would have been hard not to justify it making my top-ten list of album's of the year! Sure as it always rains in Ohio no matter the month or time of year I WILL be revisiting this album again and again in the weeks to come!

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