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The last time we checked in with Ohio's own (supreme lords of the underground metal scene) Norselaw (so named because of it's multi-talented front-man/musician!) we were treated to one of 2013's best album's in "Serpent In The Circling Sea" ( Since then things seemed to be quiet...too quiet in fact (as those N.W.O.B.H.M. moments (by way of a noise-infused punk metal band) on said album were the stuff that heavy metal wet dreams are made of!) and I had almost given up hope on hearing from Norselaw (the man, the myth and the legend!) again. And then out of the blue I get a CD with a note from the band and my spirit is once more awakened! Up front Norselaw is Norselaw (vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards) and Jaime (drums) and "Kingslayer", which was mixed, mastered and produced by Norselaw(!), is just the latest in a string of well-received (if grossly ignored by the metal mainstream) releases. With "Kingslayer" Norselaw moves on from "Serpent In The Circling Sea" musically (if not even mythology-wise) by way of an (overall) darker essence which eventually bubbles over like some sort of primordial slime! With all sorts of (odd and yet captivating!) colors splashed across the sky "Kingslayer" offers up the likes of Raven, Venom, Cirith Ungol, Megadeth, Jimi Hendrex, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, Manilla Road, S.N.F.U., Judas Priest, Butthole Surfers, King Diamond and Bathory over the course of this wildly-intriguing album! What's more those varies influences oftentimes come into play over the course of one song(!) and, in a few weird cases, it's like all of those different bands/artists are playing at the same time! It's true that at times it can all be a tad bit chaotic and that on more then one occasion I got the distinct feeling that it would all make more sense if I was to say, uh-hum, "partake" in recreation "activities". Not that I would do such a thing mind you (in case the NSA or, more importantly, Mom were to read this!), but for my readers out there if that's your king then this album could be your thing! For me though, clean-headed (if not necessarily sober!) this one smoked on it's own merits and with numbers that run well-past the 4-5 minute mark this was one album that threw down the gantlet and I early accepted it! File "Kingslayer" under all things METAL and all things HEAVY and by the gods of Heaven above and hell below play this BEAST like it was meant to be played-LOUD and "Kill 'Em All And Let The Reaper Sort 'Em Out!" PROUD!

You better believe this smoldering slab of METAL F***ING FURY will be making it onto this year's "Best Of" list just like "Serpent In The Circling Sea" made it on to 2013's list!

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