Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rogue-Bullet in the Sun


I'm pleading ignorance when it comes to this Cleveland-based four-piece(?). Prior to downloading their latest Don Debiase (Beneath the Sky, Modern Day Escape) produced release, "Bullet in the Sun", off of iTunes all I had to go by with this bunch was a brief write-up in our local version of Scene Magazine. At the very least said write-up suggested a band that (partly) leaned toward the Alice In Chains side of heavy rock (more on that in a bit) while also employing some post-Pantera riffs to balance things out. Not exactly a new formula, but with the right amount of passion and persuasiveness perhaps a talented bunch could pull such a style out of yesterday's disposed of "Been there, done that so now let's all move along before somebody gets hurt" genre garbage pile and make it sound relevant to today's discerning metalheads? Sure, why not? Weirder things have happened. Right? So, with that thought in mind I went about downloading this EP off of iTunes as A) Post-grunge isn't necessarily the worst thing out there these days and B) We are talking about an Ohio metal band here and I'm always game to throw my support behind another local act! OK, really it had more to do with that part "B" then anything, but regardless I went on to snag, tag and bag (or however that goes!) this 6-track release for myself in hopes of hearing something that warranted praise. Color me surprised then as Rogue's latest studio recording is much more then simply recycled Alice In Chains melodies and Pantera groove lines! Yes, both band's do come into play on this EP ("33rd & Pain" for example does recall Alice In Chains, but the addition of some cool cowbell (more cowbell!) brings to mind Dumpster Juice), but (other then the so-so "Never Break") this band's rough style of heavy rock also takes into account everything from classic heavy metal to stoner rock and they do it all while living up to precedent that has previously been set by many a great Ohio metal band! Are they ready for the big time though? I'd need a few more spins to decide that one, but for what it is it's actually rather cool with most of these tracks hitting more towards "clever" then "throwaway". Available to download on both cdbaby and iTunes, with CD copies likely to be found by contacting the band over at their Facebook page (, Rogue sounds like a band with a mission now all they need is the proper mission specs!

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