Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sarah Where Is My Tea-Love & Honor


Released early last November, "Love & Honor" appears to be the first release from the Russian Federation act known as Sarah Where Is My Tear. Priced at a measly $2(!) this 12-track release finds band-mates Anatoly Borisov (vocals), Sergey Novikov & Denis Pyatkovski (guitars), Igor Starostin (bass) and drummer Kirill Ayuev combining all-things hardcore (melodic hardcore, metal hardcore, post-hardcore and even progressive hardcore!) so that they have the near perfect platform upon which to display their intelligent, honest and reflective and (beautifully) passion-filled lyrics. And I for one fill all the more blessed for having experienced it! So, dig two dollars out of your wallet and slam it down on the counter for these young lads. It's a sound investment in tomorrow's generation while also serving as a nice stand-alone statement that even if nations choose to go at it in a forceful manor us music lovers will also be bound by are love and support of each other!

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