Monday, October 13, 2014

Free Metal Monday: SHVS-"Always Forget" Single and "Feel 4U" EP

And now for something different. May I present to you Columbus, Ohio trio SHVS. A "surf punk band with prog-rock and metal tendencies" (per the band's Facebook bio) SHVS is way too much fun to keep to myself so for this Free Metal Monday feature I've linked the single "Always Forget" and the group's 2013 EP, "Feel 4U". Both are Name Your Own Price downloads, but if you can toss a few coins into this band's fountain. And since the group's previously mentioned Facebook bio is just too righteous for words here it is in it's entirety!(and yes, I totally love the "Freaky Freak-boy music" description!)

SHVS is a surf punk band with prog-rock and metal tendencies.

In the fall of 2013, a 7-year-old punk rocker from Pittsburgh named Abby confidently described the band as "Freaky Freak-boy music."
Basically, if Black Sabbath and the Beach Boys had a teenage daughter who wore a ripped-up (presale) Dead Kennedys shirt while listening to only Yes all the time, SHVS would be that daughter.

Now that is how you do a bio! LOL!

Incidentally, "Always Forget" is the third track from the group's upcoming LP, "My, My" 

"Feel 4U" EP: 

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