Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blizzard Hunter-"Heavy Metal to the Vein" Single

Pure Underground Records

It was back in August of 2014 when I was first turned on to Peru heavy/speed metal band Blizzard Hunter. Thanks to my friend/fellow blogger (and all-around heavy metal enthusiast!) Strappado (https://www.facebook.com/RareMetal ) I found out about Blizzard Hunter's killer 2014 debut EP, "Conqueror of Destiny" (see link below), and the rest is as they say history! I was instantly hooked!! Active since 2006 (and previously know only as Blizzard) this Peruvian band draws it's inspiration from the 80's metal scene, the N.W.O.B.H.M. movement and groups as diverse as Helloween and Motörhead! Despite all of that Blizzard Hunter's sound and style is distinctly their own and from the onset this heavy/speed metal band has prided itself on issuing nothing but stellar material! There are few bands who can claim that sort of pedigree, but for Blizzard Hunter the proof lies in the material and that is in spite of the (all too familiar as unfortunately even the best of bands is not immune from it) line-up changes that this group has gone through since first being formed by Lucho Sanchez (ex-Disinter, ex-Necropsya, ex-Bleed of Hate) some nine years ago! Now signed to the German label Pure Underground Records (to which I say good for you lads!) and with their first full-length album due for release this year (hell to the fuck yeah!!!) Blizzard Hunter has just released the first single off of what might just end up being one of 2015's best heavy metal LPs! Especially if this particular steady (speed metal)  rocker has anything to say about it! Lead by the youthful energy of mic madman Sebastian "Dragon" Palma (a 20 year old vocalist who channels the spirits of many a great heavy metal singer before him!) and featuring a pair of fucking fantastic co-lead guitarists in Lucho Sanchez & Toño "Wild Rocker" Rojas De la Cuba (lovin' the old-school licks guys!) Blizzard Hunter proves that it's possible to top perfection as "Heavy Metal to the Vein" takes what was laid out on the excellent "Conqueror of Destiny" and then full-out maxes it the fuck out of here! They knock the ball out of the park on this one friends as it's one of those damn perfect combinations where cool lead vocals, slick as all get out guitar solos(!) and some killer bass playing* all converge at the same spot in time and space in order to lay down some pure heavy metal love! This single is just what heavy metal purists having been clamoring for and given the young age of most of the band members here this Peruvian act should have a very long and very fruitful career ahead of them! Including this hells to the bells (metal {throw the horns in the air ladies and gents as this is as good as it gets}maniac style!!!) anthem here Blizzard Hunter's upcoming debut album is set to featuring the following tracks:
01. Conqueror of Destiny 
02. I'm on my way 
03. Heavy Metal to the Vein 
04. Heart of Fire (Vampire Hunter's song) 
05. Nemesis (Feel my strength) 
06. Ghost Rider 
07. The Murder 
08. My Revenge 
09. The Joke 
10. The final Judgment

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Quarter Note Estudio by Paul Pinto la Torre, "Heavy Metal to the Vein" (the album) will begin it's pre-order stage at some point in February so be sure to follow the band on their Facebook page below so that you can be kept up to date on all the action! Said page can be accessed here:

*The steady-rockin' bass you hear on the aptly-titled "Heavy Metal to the Vein" is courtesy of Lalo "Indú" Salas!

Review of the highly-recommend "Conqueror of Destiny"

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