Monday, January 26, 2015

Free Metal Monday: Intervoid-Weaponized


"Weaponized" is the full-length debut album from Ohio's Intervoid (
 Digitally released this past December, with the nearly 60 minute long (!) album available for download at the link below as a name-your-own-price deal, this extreme piece of studio savageness has now been released as a must-buy CD! Featuring the current line-up of vocalist/lyricist Ricky Lewis, lead and rhythm guitarist Sam Vang, bassist Jacob Marxen and drummer Johnny Zazo this (inexplicably!!!) unsigned band has been in existence since 2012 with their pulverizing sound reaching new heights as far as madness and terror are concerned on the buzz-worthy "Weaponized"! A mind-blowing mash-up of technical/progressive death metal, groove-infused industrial metal and blackened death thrash this Ohio four-piece are every bit as good live as they are on this twisted beast of a recording! Now, back in August of 2013  I covered the band's excellent debut EP, "Xenolith", but (blame it on getting older or there just being too much metal in the world to sort through and not enough time!) somehow I missed out on the Oct. 2014 Halloween split EP that Intervoid did with Despondent and Cunt Cuntly entitled "Jesus Christ How Horrifying". That being the case and all it isn't too late to hear that particular release or the group's debut offering by simply following links on Intervoid's bandcamp page right here: As a final note if you live in Ohio and you have the chance then I would HIGHLY recommend catching this band live! Loud, heavy and full-tilt extreme doesn't even begin to describe this underrated Ohio act on the live stage and for those labels/PR folks who are listening in Intervoid are yet another killer Buckeye band who are primed and ready for the big time! Our scene continues to grow and it never fails to amaze me how much Ohio has to offer the heavy metal scene at large when it comes to the high-quality end of the spectrum! Maybe that's an article in and of itself that is better suited to another day, but Intervoid and "Weaponized", their first full-length release and a great pick-up for lovers of all things technical death metal and industrial death metal, are just two things from this great state of mine that are in need of a wider audience so it has to start somewhere....    
Coverage of "Xenolith" EP

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