Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Singles: Mötley Crüe-"All Bad Things"

Released: Jan 20, 2015 
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All bad things must end. Whether it's awful T.V. shows, a politician's corrupt career, a horrific first/last date or even a rotten marriage there are just moments when it's time to pull the plug and walk away. And as far as bands go there are quite a few bands that have seemingly overstayed their welcome. Is Mötley Crüe such a band? I'm not so sure. I'd actually put Metallica up towards the top of that list before I'd put Mötley Crüe there. That's just me though. Honestly though when it comes to this Saturday's single choice it's more like we have a random song title as opposed to a general statement about Mötley Crüe's worth. Especially if we are going to judge the L.A. rockers on the strength of "All Bad Things" alone. While this single might not be prime Mötley Crüe it's still good enough to put you in a happy mood and if the band were able to surround a number like "All Bad Things" with equal or better songs then we would likely be talking about one of hard rock's better comeback albums! Of course that would be a big "if", but for a band that obviously still has some fuel left in the tank and a strong following it does seem odd that one last single is all that die hard fans get. Either way, Mötley Crüe is calling it a day and that means one last tour and one last song before they ride off into the sunset. Or rather a "reported" final tour and song as we all know how these things usually end up going! But, if this really is the end for every one's favorite (sleazy does it) hard rock/glam metal bands then at least they are going out with a bit of a bang and before they turn into an absolute joke!

You can check out the "clean" video version of "All Bad Things" here:

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