Monday, February 09, 2015

Free Metal Monday: FEDS-Common Enemy


"Real. Aggressive. Unsatisfied. Hardcore." 

That right there is the self-description of this Akron, Ohio four-piece and damn if that isn't just about spot on! Those four words go a l-o-n-g  way towards cutting to the heart of this collective and with a 2013 (5-track) demo already under wraps (also available on the group's Bandcamp page) the band FEDS (vocalist Frank McGhee, guitarist Dave Burgess, bassist Mike Farris and drummer Brandon Siegenthaler*) went straight into Engine Room Recordings in Kent, Ohio to lay down this tasty slab of unrelenting, pure and (bloody, brass knuckle-covered fists!) in your face hardcore and man freakin' alive if the end results of this long player don't just speak for themselves! If you're tired of the new face of hardcore (Lord knows I man!) and you find yourself longing for the good old days (eighties all the way!) then "Common Enemy" should make for one easy decision on your part! Released this past November, "Common Enemy" makes this writer's cold and wet (Aurora) Ohio day a little easier to cope with all-around even if moshing indoors is seldom a good idea!

"Common Enemy" can be found right here fiends:

Meanwhile you can find FEDS online here:

*Drums on "Common Enemy" are credited to Matt Bremkamp and they were recorded separately over at Unclean Railers Studio in the band's hometown. 

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