Monday, February 09, 2015

Harriers - Volte​|​Face


I don't know about the rest of you, but I just love that cover! It snagged, tagged and bagged me before I even knew what the holy heck was happening and all I remember thinking at the end of the abduction was "I sure hope that the music is halfway as decent as this grim reaper cover art suggest!". Thankfully for Montréal, Québec's Harriers ( their brand-spanking new album does a bang-up job of showing off crossover/hardcore thrash at it's meanest and with the throaty voice of Bine Robusto leading the way this street-legit outfit SHREDS it's way into your eardrums before blowing chunks out of your old grey matter! Sure it's all a bit bloody and raw (or at least undercooked) and yes, at times it does blur together like a wall of metallic noise waiting to topple down and crush the life out of you. No one is going to debate that. For what it is though and for what it represents an album like "Volte​|​Face" will likely appeal to fans of underground metal and those friendly folks who are a bit "older" like I am and who fondly remember ordering cassette demos out of the pages of Metal Maniacs and photocopied fanzines. That is the built-in crowd for rugged crossover types like this so if that describes you in the least then why not check out this the following link?

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