Thursday, June 11, 2015

Damn Dice-The Great Unknown


"The Great Unknown" is the full-length debut from London's Damn Dice. If that moniker sounds a little familiar then you're not alone. It took me awhile, but the name finally came to me. This is the same band that released the "Wild 'n' Ready" EP. That was back in 2013. Apparently a lot has changed in the past two years because this doesn't sound like the same band. Then again this doesn't look like the same band either! Thankfully this London hard rock band has dropped the hairspray and make-up and in it's place they've adopted leather jackets. And with the leather jackets Damn Dice has brought a whole lot of attitude!! Honestly, two songs in and I couldn't believe that this was the same band that I once compared to Poison, Quiet Riot and Mötley Crüe! Once you hear the explosive opener "Power" for yourself you'll understand what I mean! Wow! The band follows that metal cruncher up with "What Now" and by this point in the album I'm starting to get the impression that this London band has fully made the jump over to heavy rock/heavy metal. "Drive" is more of the same and while there are still a few hints of the past this is obviously one band that has tightened up their sound and fully embraced the leather and denim lifestyle. "Down" proves to be more of the same. It's filled with rock and roll riffs and yet it's distinctly hard & heavy in it's approach. Song after song plays and the reality hits me that I really like this album. The mixture of heavy rock, hard rock and heavy metal is thoroughly enjoyable and the band's energy helps move everything along at a nice pace. Each and every track is upbeat and from opener "Power" to the album's final curtain call, "Home", there's never a dull moment. While I would like to throw out some names for comparisons sake I find myself at a loss. Damn Dice has definitely evolved in that department. The band has become a solid hard rock band and I would be surprised if this album's material didn't just kill it live! It's certainly heavy enough to get crowds moving. Hell, there's even a couple of tracks that push the envelope into true blue heavy metal territory.  "No Fear" is one such track and it's blazing leads damn near woke up the neighborhood! The same goes for the aptly-titled "Rock (Like You Mean It)"!! Talk about a number that lives up to its name! As epic as these cuts are "The Great Unknown" is still a creature of habit. So make no mistake as to this album's true intention as this is still hard rock through and through. And to that end modern hard rock fans should eat this album up. So should heavy rock fanatics. And of course Damn Dice fans should appreciate a album like this. For Damn Dice it looks as if second times the charm. I can see good things for these Landon-based hard rockers. Everything about "The Great Unknown" points toward that obvious outcome. To Damn Dice I say "Hell of a job guys!". Keep up the good work. This album has set a precedent so don't let us down!!!!

That was then...

This is now!

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