Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Realm Unseen-The Origin


Released on June 30th, "The Origin" is the 7-track debut EP from (self-dubbed) "groove metal" band Realm Unseen. The band, which is based in Islamabad, Pakistan and boasts influences as diverse as KoRn, Tool, Cannibal Corpse, Pantera, Yngwie Malmsteen, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd(!), is every bit as odd and disturbing as the above art-work suggests with the lead vocals of Mohammad Ahsan Khan of particular interest. Opening weirdly-enough by way of a Art Bell clip, "The Origin" is available for free by heading here, but please be aware of what you are getting yourself into before hitting that download button! Musically-speaking these guys are all over the place with "The Origin" making that "groove metal" tag seem a little  limited and short-sighted. Whatever the case it is free and seeing as normality is (at best) an illusion (and something that I can't in all good conscience condone!) this 7-track EP makes for a unique listening experience especially in this colorless world of cookie cutter metal bands and their paint-by-the-numbers recordings.

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