Monday, October 19, 2015

Free Metal Monday: Wino-Live at Roadburn 2009

Roadburn Records

It's Monday again and that means it's time for some free metal to (hopefully) get you through this chilly day. Or at least it's chilly in my small part of Ohio. I have no way of knowing where you are from while you are reading this, but seeing as we already had snow this past weekend (I know. Ugh!) how about we heat things up with some killer doom rock? Sound's good right? Well, how about we take things one step further with live doom? Or rather live music from Wino? Yes? Groovy! Originally released back in October of 2010 on both CD and 12" vinyl, "Live At Roadburn 2009" is now being offered digitally and this great recording finds Wino in perfect form! Not that it's too surprising or anything as we are talking about the one and only Wino here, but seeing as this one comes with a run-time of over fifty minutes(!) there is a lot to digest in just one sitting. With that said, "Live At Roadburn 2009" should get you to work and back in grand fashion and seeing as it's free for the taking you simply can't go wrong!  You can find this live release by heading here
and while you are there be sure to keep an eye out for other free music from Roadburn Records.

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