Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Inconvenience Store-Katabasis Epoch: Enter The 2nd Chapter of Hell

Braindead Media

What's this? Two albums of covers in one day? You betcha! First we had Austin, Texas heavy/power metal band Ignitor with their "Mix Tape '85" and now we have Needham, Massachusetts' (experimental) punk/post-hardcore group Inconvenience Store with their latest release, "Katabasis Epoch: Enter The 2nd Chapter of Hell". Even if it's been awhile (the Summer of 2013 to be specific) Inconvenience Store are not exactly strangers to this site so it was a happy occurrence when I got word that not only did they have new music to share, but they were now signed to Boston's Braindead Media! That just goes to show you how good things come to those who persevere. Especially when you put in years of hard work like this experimental punk/post-hardcore band did! For those who don't know the story it goes a little something like this. Initially formed in the fall of 2011 by Non-GMO Meth and Kcutnief Rehsa Hanoj, Inconvenience Store started off as more of an idea than an actual band before fully becoming flesh and blood in March of 2012. Early on the group was comprised of teenage kids with high hopes (and more than enough talent to go around!) and (long story short) as the musicians have grown up and matured so has the actual music. Now rounded out by Mica Headphones, Inconvenience Store gives us their second studio offering with this extended-EP serving as the progressive follow-up to 2013's "Our Ambivalent Everything". Released this past summer on July 19th (8 days after my birthday in fact!), "Katabasis Epoch: Enter The 2nd Chapter of Hell" provides insight into the vast array of influences that this three piece band holds dear with groups like Black Flag, The Melvins and Naked Raygun finding common ground with The Buggles and Masafumi Takada of all people! It's a unique listening experience to be sure, but a rewarding one all the same. I'll stay away from any major spoilers other than to say that it all leads up to the 12 minute plus "Amezce No Reh Seulg". For the members of this Needham-based band things are obviously looking up so be sure to venture on over to their bandcamp page to see what all the fuse is about.

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