Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Deathless Creation-Thrash 'N' Roll

Timezone Records

Formed on New Year's Day, 2012, Deathless Creation is a German metal band whose current line-up features vocalist/guitarist Benne Rommel, guitarist Vlad Nikolov (Slartibartfass, ex-The Witches Sabbath, ex-Daargesin, ex-Encryption, ex-Total Hate), bassist Eric Arikan, and drummer Stefan Schaubele. The aptly-titled "Thrash 'N' Roll" is the full-length debut album from Deathless Creation and it was preceded in life by the independently-released "Endless Source of Power". Prior to that (worthwhile) 4-cut EP this Günzburg, Bavaria-based quartet released a 2012 demo by the name of "Insanity". You can find both the "Endless Source of Power" EP and the 12-track "Thrash 'N' Roll" over on this group's bandcamp page. Up front my personal advice would be to snag both up on CD, but that recommendation would probably make a hell of a lot more sense to you once I've actually covered this well-sculpted slab of rock! And "rock" it does! It also thrashes along merrily, but with this disc's title and all what more would you expect out of it? How about some eighties metal and N.W.O.B.H.M. love? That sounds good right? Well, I'll tell you want. It sounds even better "live" than it does on paper! With their mash-up of thrash, traditional heavy metal, eighties metal, N.W.O.B.H.M., and heavy rock a band like Deathless Creation has a lot going for it right out of the gate. After all we are talking about a lot of my favorite things here and chances are (taste-wise) the same can be said of a lot of our readers. Really all that is missing is some old-school punk and this would be the perfect cocktail! Could you even imagine that greatness? Wow! Regardless, "Thrash 'N' Roll" is fun ride with plenty of interesting twists and turns along the route. To be fair this four-piece is a tad raw around the edges. For me it's all part of the charm, but it's still best to point it out so that no one complains about this being more garage metal than grand metal. Especially because you know someone would! 

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