Thursday, November 19, 2015

Stormlurker-A Dark Formation


Released this past October, "A Dark Formation" is is the debut offering of the slickly-named Stormlurker. "But, who or what exactly is a Stormlurker?" I hear you asking. Well now, that's where introductions are in order. Talking at least a part of it's name from the (naturally) stormy-state of his home state of Florida (with that lurker part of the moniker quite possibly & unintentionally a subconscious nod toward the late great H.P. Lovecraft!), Stormlurker is the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Deryck Heignum. And that would of course be the same Deryck Heignum of Norselaw fame! Having teamed up with drummer Austin Lane and bassist Stan Martell (the main man who actually produced this smooth as fuck album, but more of that later!), Deryck Heignum actually turns his attention away from the N.W.O.B.H.M.-inspired punk metal that is Norselaw and (with relative ease) conquerors the field of heavy metal-tinged thrash! Fans of the Ohio band Norselaw should already be familiar with Deryck's talent as both a guitarist and vocalist, but for everyone else here's the deal. Stormlurker's front man is one part fine-tuned metal maniac and one part straight-out MANIAC! He's a wiz on the guitar (Shred Shack compared Deryck's playing to "No Rest For the Wicked"-era Zakk Wylde and frankly-speaking here folks that's not too far off from things!) and as a vocalist he's got a nice otherwordly range. Deathly-growls give way to the same kind of wicked vocals that you might just find on some of your favorite late-80's/early-90's thrash albums! What it boils down to is this: this cat has extra sharp claws and he can growl! When it comes his guitar playing on "A Dark Formation" it's as classic as they come while there's also plenty of modern-day mech metal riffs and a doomish over-glow! You know the old saying though right? No man is an island. Not even Deryck Heignum.....or at least not here!! That's where bassist/producer Stan Martell and skinsman Austin Lane come into play. The first lays down fantastic
riffs that are gritty and robust. Stan's style is a perfect fit for the band and in standing by Deryck he offers more straight-line metal material that sharply cuts through the air like a mad mans blade cutting through soft flesh! Meanwhile the drumming on this is stone-cold killer! Not only does Stormlurker's drummer keep the beat, but he mixes in a slew of different styles along the way! On "A Dark Formation" you're just as likely to be reminded of Judas Priest as you are Slayer (drum-wise) and all of that makes for a trio that impossible to ignore! Before we get into the overall sound of this power trio I feel as if we must give a special shout-out to Stan Martell's production on "A Dark Formation". When I first heard this release two things popped into my mind. The first thing was "Holy shit that's hot!" and the second one was (and yeah, this one is weirdly out there!) "This is like something that I would hear on Liquid Metal*!" Obviously Stan not only excels in the filed of bass playing, but as a producer to! All of which brings us to the album's actual music. The best way to describe Stormlurker's particular style would be thrash metal that is influenced by classic/traditional metal. That in and of itself would be wicked right? Even so there's more to it than that. Peppered with doom, power metal and even some death metal elements this proves to be an exceptional release that sounds completely unique and original. Much like his other band Norselaw, Deryck Heignum's Stormlurker sounds like nobody else! When was the last time you heard any band coming across like that? Never right? Well, this band is the real deal as is this self-produced/self-released recording. In a world of imitators here's another band that is far too good to remain unsigned! All that's needed is for the right set of ears to hear this one and it's game on! Here's to hoping that happens friends..... 

Want to know more about Stormlurker? Well then you're in luck! You can find this band online here
and you can read an interview with the band by going this way.

*Back when I had Sirius Radio I used to LOVE their station Liquid Metal. They always seemed to have class act bands on there with crystal clear production that was nothing short of flawless. That same kind of feeling I had for those albums I feel for "A Dark Formation". To put it bluntly, "A Dark Formation" features a stellar, Grade A  production job!

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