Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Broken Teeth-Bulldozer

Texas Metal Underground Records

"Bulldozer" is the latest release from Austin, Texas' hard rock/heavy metal band Broken Teeth. This EP arrives nearly 16 years after the release of Broken Teeth's self-titled (and highly recommended!) debut album and while it might not be the full-length release of originals that long-time fans had hoped for this 7-track recording does pack a shit ton of rough & rugged hard rock into it's short run-time! As per usual the band is lead by former Dangerous Toys & Watchtower front-man Jason McMaster and in addition to this group's well known love of all things AC/DC you'll discover nods of appreciation dished out to likes of ZZ Top, Riot, (early) Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest, and even Motörhead! And speaking of Lemmy and company, "Bulldozer" finds Broken Teeth covering Motörhead's "The Hammer" in grand fashion. Of course Broken Teeth also cover the Aerosmith' song "Lightning Strikes", but for my money "The Hammer" is where it's really at! With these two rock-steady covers joining five original compositions (all of which are really good!) this EP does have a lot to offer. It's definitely been made to order for die-hard fans of the band, but even casual  hard rock and heavy metal listeners should appreciate tracks such as "Raining Fire", "Red River Rising", "The Rough and the Tumble", and "Flamethrower". As a tied-over release, "Bulldozer" hits all the right notes and finds Broken Teeth rocking out like there's no tomorrow. Needless to say it's good to have this band back!

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

Have not heard this one, but always felt that McMaster has been such a strong vocal talent for decades. He greatly helps every project he has been with.

7:15 AM  

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