Monday, February 22, 2016

Bad Frankenhausen-Eins

For the uninformed and/or those who are just not in the know, Bad Frankenhausen is a wicked cool heavy rock/hard & heavy band that hails from London and is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Tom Goldman, bassist Paul Commerford, and drummer Rob Hollinshead. With influences that would seemingly range from Motörhead to Black Sabbath, Bad Frankenhausen just released it's full-length debut, "Eins" on February 20th and yes, it is every-bit as distinct and mischievous as the above artwork would suggest! Serving as the follow-up to a 2015 live album and an odds and ends collection called "Vol. 1" (which was also released last year), "Eins" features seven solid studio tracks and a foreboding live version of "Blind Wizened Man". Of those seven studio numbers there's not a single dud to be found and that says a hell of a lot about the overall raw talent that this trio possesses! Whether or not this album will be released on CD or not is anybody's guess, but according to the following picture that was posted on the group's Facebook page there will be freaking awesome t-shirts available in the very near future! This is one band that I can't help but get behind and recommend to all of the metalheads, rads and rockers reading this!

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