Monday, March 28, 2016

Free Music Monday: Bull Funk Zoo-"Would You?" Single


"Would You?" is a brand new (name-your-own-price) single courtesy of the unique & largely experimental Dubai project known as Bull Funk Zoo (aka producer, multi instrumentalist, vocalist, and skilled guitarist Assaad Lakkis). It follows a 2013 self-titled album and finds Bull Funk Zoo taking fuzzed out and extremely dirty funk garage rock on a quick (drug-fueled) trip back to the early eighties where alternative/indie music could be anything that you dared to dream up. My original intention was to post this far-out single over the weekend, but this past week or so has been as  funked-up & frenzied as this short and sweet song is! You can (or really most certainly should!) download this fuzzy and fun funk-rock single by heading here and while you are on Bull Funk Zoo's bandcamp page it wouldn't be a bad idea at all to check out the full-length "Bull Funk Zoo". While that album was recorded with the help of a backing band, "Would You?" finds main man Assaad Lakkis going at it alone and doing a smashing job in the process! While this free single won't appeal to every one's tastes, "Would You?" should still be able to find a nice home with fans of gritty/dirty garage rock and fuzzed-covered funk n' roll!

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