Sunday, March 05, 2017

FreaKings-Toxic End


Swiss thrashers FreaKings, active since 2008 and comprised of Jonathan Brutschin (vox/guitar), Toby Straumann (bass), and Simon Straumann (drums), make their long-awaited return with "Toxic End". It comes almost two and a half years after the release of "Gladiator" and much like it's predecessor, "Toxic End" is mosh pit-inducing metal with a inspired message! With three albums under their belts now, FreaKings has saved the best for last and there is no reason whatsoever that this powerful trio should not have a proper record labeling supporting them!!  Maybe it's politics or a certain longstanding prejudice, but these three tear it all down something fierce with their smashing riffs and (seriously-sick!) licks so why does it matter which path they walk down? Maybe I'm a grumpy old metalhead or maybe it's just because I'm writing this on a Sunday, but FreaKings (like Toxic Holocaust or the Bay Area bunch that started it all) make me want to slam about and then (on reflection of their status) break things up in defiance...even if that wouldn't please my father.    

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