Monday, February 27, 2017

Free Metal Monday: White Boy Wasted-Rough Takes


The Netherlands' White Boy Wasted play a hard & heavy version of speedrock. Members include Sid van Kastel (bass & vocals), Alex Kooy (guitar & vocals), and Ian van Kastel (drums). Released on the 17th of this month, "Rough Takes" is a two-track EP that might just be the first attempt at working in the studio for the trio. Songs include "Caught Up In Scraps" and "Wet Beard Boogie". Primary influences include Motörhead (1st and foremost) and Rose Tattoo (on the down and dirty rock and roll end). Secondary sounds actually coming from two bands that the group has already shared the stage with, Nashville Pussy and Raven. Meanwhile, Zeke and the like fill out the speedrock requirements. From what has been written, White Boy Wasted is the "future of Rock 'N' Roll music". I think I can wrap my head around that idea, but I need a little bit more than just these two choice cuts. With that all said, "Rough Takes" is more than worth the amount of time that it takes to click on the page and name your (own) price.

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