Monday, February 20, 2017

Stricken-Set 1.0


Based in Wilmington, North Carolina and comprised of Brad McClanahan (vox), Will Baker (guitar), Scott Hollis (bass), and Josh "Wham" Wamsley (drums), Stricken is a riff-heavy hard rock/heavy metal band that was just formed last year. The six-track EP, "Set 1.0", serves as the group's debut outing and this hook-laden release brings to mind a lot of different bands like Deftones, Pantera, Quicksand, Helmet, (early) Tool, and (weirdly enough) even post-Black album Metallica! With each of the EP's six numbers cleverly-sporting a one-word title (with my fave of the bunch being the last two cuts, "Sick" and "Goast"!), "Set 1.0" works especially well because it comes in, smashes everything up, and doesn't overstay it's welcome. For Stricken this is a good first start (especially when you consider how young the group is) and I look forward to hearing more from the band down the line.

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Blogger Bradley McClanahan Jr. said...

Thank you, we are so honored and proud of your words. We are here to stay, thank you for supporting and helping us spread the word! - Brad STRICKEN

6:12 AM  

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