Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Candle-Demo 2016

Fighter Records

Inspired by the likes of Hell, Mercyful Fate, Satan, and Witchfynde, Candle is a Swedish heavy metal band that was formed in 2015 by guitarists Markus Janis (Corrosive Carcass) and Christian Kanto. Lead vocalist Erik Nordkvist and the brothers Juhani & Jorma Pihlajainen (bass and drums respectively) round matters out, "Demo 2016" serving as the group's introduction and all. Originally released last year (hence the title), Candle's debut offering is being re-released by Fighter Records in order to set the stage for the band's forthcoming LP. With four tracks of vintage metal that is dark, atmospheric, and somewhat progressive, "Demo 2016" is a good first effort that suffers from a unsatisfying production job, but does point towards better things to come......

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