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Formed just last year, blazing hot hard & heavy rock band Pröwess is on a deadly serious mission when it comes to their debut EP, "Headfirst". The five-man army from Charlotte, North Carolina, fronted by passionate lead singer Dalton Bowes and featuring several former members of the band 21st Century Goliath, has taken on the difficult task of stripping rock and roll of all of it's impurities. Watered down by false prophets that speak in fancy tongues, but offer very little in the way of actual substance,  real rock and roll has been all but banished from the airwaves. While classic rock stations can still be found on the radio (if only in small quantities) they play the same sad song list over and over again. What happened to the energy that rock once had? Where is the new blood? When all of the imitators have laid down their electric guitars for computerized "grooves" who will lead the children of the revolution? Even if no one else answers the call, Pröwess should be up in front and leading the charge! Custom built from the ground up, the gods of riff-heavy rock n' roll and hellfire have gifted us Pröwess. And what a fantastic gift it is! With this enthusiastic until we get the rock of AC/DC and the roll of (Led) Zeppelin! To that end, "Headfirst" is a damn fitting title for Pröwess' first studio release. After all, Dalton Bowes and company (guitarists Scott Roby and Kip Wilson, bassist Kenny Keeler, and drummer Adam Ellis) jump right into the fire with the EP's opening track (and first single), "No Survivors". The classic (hard) rock-infused number is power-packed with dynamite and dangerous to the touch. Just like the rest of this rebellious EP, "No Survivors" threatens to explode with little to no notice whatsoever!! Of course you could say the same thing when it comes to this hungry pack of road warriors. Nothing short of a cage, one with ropes and chains, can keep this young group in check. That's the impression one gets with "No Survivors". The rest of songs on "Headfirst" not only confirm that thought process, but drive it into deep into your sub-conscious...riff by almighty riff!! In addition to the AC/DC compliment and the Led Zeppelin part, Kiss comes to mind when we're talking about the legitimate rock and roll pursuit of Pröwess. But then again, Guns N' Roses, Kix, The Godz, Foghat, Skid Row, Alice Cooper, Hanoi Rocks, and even the Rolling Stones leap out at you from the shadows when you are least expected it! That's the brilliance of this young band. By drawing from so many different sources, Pröwess captures the true essence of rock & roll. From the (simply smashing!) guitar work to the soulful way in which Dalton Bowes masters the mic, "Headfirst" is merely the first step in the once-in-a-lifetime journey that Pröwess has decided to undertake. While only time will dictate their ultimate success, Pröwess is starting off healthy and strong. With all of the necessary tools at their disposal and nothing but blue skies for as far as the eyes can see, "Headfirst" is a great investment for all parties involved with this operation! 

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