Monday, January 30, 2017

Still Dead-Demo no.1


Still Dead is a doom metal band from Israel that features former members of defunct melodic black/death metal group Sheamut within it's ranks. Those two fine individuals would be guitarist/vocalist Dima Katz and Shaked Oz (bass/drums). On the group's first studio release, "Demo no.1", they are joined by guitarist Cyrill Kravtsoff. Tracks include "Falling Asleep", "Endless", and "No Escape". That first number (my favorite one of the lot!) clocks in at eight minutes and six seconds while the other two songs have run-times of 7:16 and 6:20. If the long lengths of the songs don't give it away, "Demo no.1" is a wonderful tale of well-thought out and slowing developing doom. And it's vintage-infused doom at that! At only one dollar to download it is a absolute steal of a deal and I simply cannot wait to find out what comes next for this power trio!

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