Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday Single: Jenner-"How Deep Is Your Greed"

Infernö Records

Active since mid-December 2013, Serbian speed/thrash metal quartet Jenner have signed on with Infernö Records in order to release their full-length debut album, "To Live Is To Suffer". The intellectual "How Deep Is Your Greed" is just one of the band's original compositions that is set to appear "To Live Is To Suffer". It's a fast and fun take on vintage speed metal and thrash that shows off the many skills of this extremely-talented band. While this highly-anticipated album is not scheduled for release until February 20th, Infernö Records has been kind enough to offer a teaser look at what is sure to be one of 2017's most surprising hits! You can check out the clip for yourself by clicking on the image below. Afterwards be sure to head over to the band's Facebook page and hit that "like" button. And of course keep an eye out for my eventual review of "To Live Is To Suffer"! 

As a side note the band's first album will be available on both CD and cassette. The CD version is limited to 1,000 copies. The cassette one will be only 100 copies. Even though they will likely feature the same track list I still hope to snag both formats. Why you might be asking? Well, since I am a fan first and foremost, Jenner sounds as if it will be a great new addition to my personal collection!

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