Friday, January 27, 2017

Painful Pride-Lost Memories

No Remorse Records

Originally formed back in 1983, Swedish hard rock/heavy metal band Painful Pride will at long last release it's full-length debut on February 17th, 2017. The album comes along some 31 years after the group's only other release, 1986's "Rehearsal" demo, and it now finds Painful Pride fronted with style and absolute class thanks to sensational voice of lead singer Peter Ljungqvist. Only the two guitarists, Örjan Härdig and Tommy Carlström, remain from Painful Pride's original line-up (which was initially active until 1989), but given the beautiful chemistry that is shared between it's members, Painful Pride sounds as if it has had all of it's key players in place for years! Peter Nilsson (bass) and Mathias Pettersson (drums) round matters out on this hit-filled release which, come next December, will make dozens of "Best Of" lists!!   

Painful Pride back in the day!

Opening with the heavy metal gem "Visions", Painful Pride's "Lost Memories" is a brilliant mix of eighties hard rock and heavy metal, vintage Swedish melodic metal, and first class AOR. The album includes ten songs (two of which, "What You Give Is What You Get" and "Somewhere", look as if they might have been re-worked versions of songs from the band's 1986 demo) and while you sit and wait for what you assume would be filler material it never happens! All ten tracks on Painful Pride's debut are A+ in quality and substance. Exquisite solos, catchy riffs, and fantastic melodies are the norm on "Lost Memories" and you can literately feel the passion that this five-piece band has for the material! And speaking of passion, "Lost Memories" certainly stirred up mine!! Along with longtime favorites Praying Mantis and Danger Zone, Painful Pride has made my desert island list for must-have hard & heavy albums! Our loyal readers will understand what that means, but for everyone else I will try to spell it out. Italy's Danger Zone and the N.W.O.B.H.M. turned AOR Praying Mantis are stunning examples of how to combine hard rock, AOR and melodic metal into something that will penetrate your heart. It's high class songwriting and memorable numbers all the way and that is exactly where I put this band's dazzlingly debut. For other reference points you could imagine Europe's long overlooked debut or even "Diamond Mistress" by Madison. There's even splashes of bands like Rainbow, Van Halen, and Def Leppard. Keep in mind that as far as those last two go we are talking about the times when they were still relevant! Up until now this talented Swedish band has been a mystery. With this instant classic now under their wings, Painful Pride wont have to worry about that unfortunate situation for long!! 

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