Thursday, January 12, 2017

Windshades-Crucified Dreams

Atomic Stuff Productions

Active since mid-2015, Italy's Windshades just released it's first official recording, "Crucified Dreams", this past November. It is a (digital only) three-track EP that combines the opera-like voice of lead singer Chiara Manzoli with elements of hard rock, melodic metal, and guitar-driven traditional heavy metal. In addition to the craftily-assembled title track (which is arguably the best song of the lot!), "Crucified Dreams" features the numbers "Metafora" and "Resurrection". With guitarist and composer Matteo Usberti, guitarist Riccardo Soresina, bassist Andrea Bissolati, and drummer Carlo Bergamaschi rounding things out for this new band, "Crucified Dreams" is a solid B+ recording that points towards better things to come.

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