Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Goodnight Tonight-Parasites


Goodnight Tonight is a multi-award winning melodic rock/alternative rock band from Kent, Ohio that is lead by skilled guitarist/vocalist Emily Gambone. Active since 2013 (and originally known as Noize from the Basement), Goodnight Tonight has now released three highly-regarded EPs in it's short time together. The first one, "Watch the Rain", came out in mid-November of 2013 and it quickly established this four-piece band as a serious force to be reckoned with. The five-track "Counting Sheep" followed in July of 2015 and just like it's predecessor it showcased a fresh new band that had already mastered the fine art of songwriting. Just issued back on October 30th and available on digital and CD, the lyrically-rich "Parasites" is this group's latest release and without mincing any words here it is easily the best collection of songs that this young band has ever laid to tape! This simply must-have EP, which was produced by John Burke of Vibe Studios and mastered at Michigan's Dreadcore Studios by Joshua Wickman, features a re-recorded version of the group's previously-released song, "Poison", as well as four brand new studio tracks that are just fantastic! Starting off with what might just be the best new track of the lot ("Two Wolves"*), "Parasites" finds guitarist/vocalist Emily Gambone joined by three equally-skilled musicians in Holy Camp (bass), Drew Spreitzer (lead guitar), and Brad Sims (drums). With youth on their side and the ideal line-up in place, Goodnight Tonight has certainly found itself in the perfect position. This extremely-talented quartet has nowhere to go from here but up and they sit poised to make that deserving leap from local favorites to national stars! Oops, I seem to have done it again. My sincere apology, but I've jumped ahead when I should be talking about this group's new EP! Therefore backwards we must go!! After the dust has finally settled that alternative rock and roller "Two Wolves" left behind, "Parasites" gives us the hard-hitting "Pollution" to enjoy. This break-up song is probably the heaviest track on "Parasites" and it works remarkably well when placed in-between the aforementioned "Two Wolves" and the new and improved version of "Poison". Originally appearing on the group's debut release, "Poison" is a slightly-edgy rocker that ended up being replayed a time or two over again at the request of my 18 year old daughter! Seeing as my 16 year old had already offered up a hefty amount of praise for "Two Wolves" I took this as a sign that not only did "Parasites" have the potential for crossover success, but it wasn't just classic rock anymore that the kids and I could enjoy together! After "Poison" we are treated to the hard rock of "Temptation" and then "Creature" (a gloomy alt rocker with some slick goth rock overtones!) closes things out. I suppose one could say that "Creature" ends things on a high note, but seeing as all five of the songs on this well-crafted EP are simply stellar how can there be a high note when there are no low points? As is the case for the artistic band responsible for it's clever creation, "Parasites" is innovative and inspired. The music is great and so are the lyrics. Ultimately this is exactly how alternative rock should sound and feel. As for why this amazing band is still unsigned? Honestly folks I have no idea.....

*As can be discovered by clicking on it's official lyric video right below, "Two Wolves" is a political rocker that is all too relevant given the current state of our country. This emotionally-powerful number is made all the more urgent thanks to the heartfelt delivery of lead vocalist Emily Gambone. No stranger to fans of the Ohio alternative rock scene, Goodnight Tonight's Emily Gambone is a strong and confident singer whose mature delivery often times comes as a complete surprise to some newcomers given her young age. On "Parasites" she ends up being a distinct focal point, but given the many skills of this buzz-worthy band as a whole it is only by a slim margin! 

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