Friday, December 23, 2016



Founded by guitarist and songwriter Richard Lagergren (ex-Eidomantum, Phantom, ex-Portrait, ex-Hands of Orlac (live), ex-Lukemborg), Swedish heavy metal band Source (who are not to be confused with the melodic death metal group of the same name from Herrljunga, Sweden) make their debut with this self-titled release. It is a highly-recommend 3-track EP featuring Oscar Carlquist (of RAM fame) on lead vocals and it opens up strong with "Crossroads Calling" (a great dark metal meets traditional heavy metal number which runs nearly ten minutes long!). The two other cuts, "Let Him In" and "Wither", lean closer to power metal than they do traditional heavy metal, but they are every-bit as wicked as the EP's epic opening moment and just as well thought out! Available as a digital download and as a limited-edition cassette, "Source", which just came out on December 1st of this year (thus making it eligible for Best-Of 2016 lists!), is a impressionable first effort that should win plenty of fans thanks to it's freakishly sick take on King Diamond/Mercyful Fate-style metal! 

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