Monday, December 19, 2016

Free Metal Monday: Grave Alter-Awaken, Death!


The second of two Free Metal Monday offerings of the day, "Awaken, Death!" is a 3-track rehearsal demo from U.K. thrash metal band Grave Alter. It was released back on October 4th and just like the up-and-coming occult 3-piece metal band responsible for it's construction it is tad bit rough and rugged around the edges. That being said, "Awaken, Death!" (which you can grab for free by heading here) is not without it's charms. Made by some drop-dead serious heavy metal maniacs and seemingly geared towards those who like their wicked ass thrash metal like they prefer their steak (bloody red and raw!), "Awaken, Death!" is a fine meal for any day of the week...  

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