Friday, January 06, 2017

Inconvenience Store-Kallisti (or Goodbye To The One You Knew Before I Found Him and Had To Let Him Go​.​)


Needham, Massachusetts' experimental band Inconvenience Store has been around in one form or another since late 2011. It doesn't happen very often, but interestingly enough this was a band that I had Interviewed before ever hearing any of it's music. That all changed in early June of 2013 when I covered the group's first studio offering, "Our Ambivalent Everything". That particular EP was dubbed "experimental rock/alternative rock by way of post-punk rock and progressive hardcore" by yours truly and while the experimental part of this young outfit hasn't changed all that much in the years that followed the rest of that description needs to be updated. Crafted by the line-up of Kcutnief Rehsa Hanoj (lead vox, noise electronics, guitar), Mica "On HP" Phones  (guitar, vox), Darren Strange (bass), and Funnels... (drums), "Kallisti (or Goodbye To The One You Knew Before I Found Him and Had To Let Him Go)" is a five-track EP that ends up falling somewhere between (raw) punk/hardcore, post-alternative rock, and flat-out noise rock! Recorded, mixed, mastered by Zach Weeks, Inconvenience Store's latest studio output is fairly abrasive and should get plenty of love from fans of The Jesus Lizard, Big Black, and the Butthole Surfers!! As a fan of all three of those acts (especially Gibby Haynes' outfit!) I make that declaration with a huge smile on my face and hope in my heart that is ultimately the direction that this one-time high school band will go in. When correctly assembled (see the aforementioned trio) punk-fueled noise rock can be a thing of beauty. While they are not quite ready to fill in for any of those three named outfits, Inconvenience Store is headed that way and something deep inside tells me they are not that far off. If your mind's eye is open to it then by all means give this EP a shot. 

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