Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Morlok Von Grimorog-Friends and Relatives


Released on October 1st of last year, "Friends and Relatives" is the second full-length album for the Spokane, Washington-based Morlok Von Grimorog. On the nine-track (nod to the old school) recording this horror-obsessed & costume-wearing band does a good job of blending traditional heavy metal, progressive metal, U.S. power metal, and dark metal with the King Diamond-like lead vocals of it's front man (and the group's namesake) Morlok VonGrimorog. Songs titles include "Vlad", "Skorzeny", "Buckets of Blood", "Tall Man", "Hell Priest", "Fuccubus", and "Crystal Lake" so you just know that you're going to have a good time! This is a fairly righteous beast in and of itself, but seeing as Morlok the masked madman composed, performed, recorded, and mixed this sinister album by himself....well, that just makes "Friends and Relatives" all the more impressive!

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