Monday, January 23, 2017

Habitual Sins-Personal Demons

Pure Steel Records

Habitual Sins is a new heavy metal band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that features two former members of Icarus Witch, Matthew Bizilia (vocals, percussion, bass, keyboards) and Steve Pollick (guitars, keyboards). Seasoned guitarist Jim Dofka (Dofka, Jim Dofka, ex-Brick Mistress, ex-Psycho Scream, Leather Leone, ex-Screamer) joins the pair on the just-released "Personal Demons".  It is a well-produced recording with occult lyrics and a dark metal vibe. With ten tracks in all and a near perfect run-time of just over 40 minutes, "Personal Demons" does well as the group's full-length debut...even if it does sound remarkably similar to (early) Icarus Witch! For fans of the aforementioned mentioned band that is obviously a good selling point, but a bit more originality down the line would only serve to help this three-piece band out. Irregardless, "Personal Demons" is worth taking a change on and one can easily see this band evolving into something special.

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