Friday, January 27, 2017

Sweeping Death-Astoria


Sweeping Death is a German metal band that has been around since the start of 2012. The group's debut EP, "Astoria", was released a little over a week back. Available on CD and as a digital download (courtesy of Sweeping Death's first effort just fell into my lap thanks to my good friend Markus from Metalmessage Global PR. Make your way past it's awkward artwork (what in God's name is that all about?) and you will find a really solid mash-up of classic heavy metal and progressive thrash metal. No, I wouldn't have guessed that would be the case either, but damn it all if this isn't a fine as wine, six pack of technical fury then I don't know what is! Lead vocals are properly handed by one Elias Witzigmann and the fast, fun, and (above all!) high flying leads come from the hands of Simon Bertl and Markus Heilmeier. In addition to serving time behind the drum kit (where he excels!), Tobias Kasper provides some perfectly-placed piano! Andreas Bertl (bass) is the last piece of this clever puzzle. His bass work shines on the group's powerful debut. Other than the previously-mentioned cover art, "Astoria" is without any real faults. That should be  cause for excitement. Not just for the progressive-minded fans of heavy/thrash, but anyone that just loves good German heavy metal!

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