Monday, January 30, 2017

Vicolo Inferno-Stray Ideals

Logic (il) Logic Records

It's a strange occurrence, but I simply did not recognize the name at first. With a revamped line-up in place and a much improved tone, Vicolo Inferno didn't sound like the same unit that was responsible for "Hourglass". Having listened to the promo CD first (without the presence of album's booklet which would later fill in all the details and lead me to the truth), "Stray Ideals" finds Vicolo Inferno sporting a meaner style of metal and a darker edge. Let's call that a good thing...a very good thing. For the 13-track "Stray Ideals", which was released on November 11th and is digitally available at Amazon and CD BabyVicolo Inferno seems to have tuned out the background interference in order that the four-piece band could get right to the point. What was once a (rock radio-friendly) mixture of heavy rock, hard rock, and melodic metal has now become this intoxicating concoction of no-nonsense heavy metal, hard rock (Blackstone Cherry, Badlands, and Junkyard), gritty garage rock with classic rock licks, and top-shelf grunge (Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, and Stone Temple Pilots). Thanks to the addition of drummer Michele "Gollo" Gollini and bass guitarist Wallace (ex-Showstripsilence), Vicolo Inferno's founding members Igor Plattesi (vocals) and Marco Campoll (guitars) are taking the left hand path towards the fulfillment of their band's moniker. You see, Vicolo Inferno is meant to mean "hell alley". The band's second full-length recording suddenly finds this Italian quartet living up to the (somewhat) sinister implications of that cool name. Even the shared female vocals on the melodic "Two Matches" (feat. Caterina Minguzzi) can't erase Vicolo Inferno's edgy new persona. But there again, 2016-era Vicolo Inferno is a good thing. Other than perhaps radio-rock fanatics and those who only worship at the altar of melodic metal, who would want to change that?  

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