Wednesday, February 08, 2017


The End Records

New York City's Tower, born some two years back and comprised of Sarabeth Linden (lead vox), James Danzo (guitar), Zak Penley (guitar), Philippe Arman (bass, backup vocals), and drummer Justin Sherrell (Bezoar, Blackout, Somnuri, ex-Carousel), are a (seventies-inspired) hard rock/(eighties-infused) heavy metal band that has the heart and soul of a classic rock and roll outfit. It was back in mid-June of 2015 that this up-and-coming band first appeared on these pages with their self-titled demo. The three tracks from that rock-steady EP, "Flames", "Mountains", and "Hold On To Me", show up on the group's full-length debut. They join the new classics "Tower", "I've Never Been More Alive", "Raceway Rock", "Party (Ready To Roll)", and "Elegy". That's eight great tracks in all for those keeping count, "Tower" being an actual LP and what not (as opposed to other retro-rocking acts that offer up discs filled with a couple of pre-arranged singles and a whole lot of filler!). Naturally that makes Tower stick out from the crowd, but then again so does that fact that Sarabeth Linden can actual sing! With soulful passion and honesty (and a voice that could have come straight from the vaults of seventies rock and roll!) Sarabeth handles the microphone with such grace and ease that it's almost as if she was born with one in her hand! When you combine that voice with a set of musicians that know how to rock the roof off of a joint you get magic! It's loud and proud, heavy rocking sonic madness, but it's magic all the same!! And it makes Tower worthy of so much more than just hometown pride! As far as reference points go? With influences that range from Thin Lizzy to Iron Maiden (by way of Pat Benatar, Mountain, (70's-era) Scorpions, Foghat, (early) Mötley Crüe, The Guess Who, Van Halen, Humble Pie, Ted Nugent, Vanilla Fudge, Cream, Twister Sister, Grand Funk Railroad, Judas Priest, Patti Smith, Kiss, and some many more!), Tower walks their own path and marches to the beat of it's own drummer. It's a hell of a beat and one that should lead towards stardom! Available wherever great hard rock, heavy metal and kick ass rock and roll music is sold, "Tower" is the first step in that direction....


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