Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wheelie King-Wheelie King

Originally created in 1994 something, Wheelie King is a three-piece "rock" band from Madison, Wisconsin. For the uninformed (which included yours truly before I cheated and checked the name out) that's the same place that gave us Garbage...or more importantly Killdozer. With Per Farny on bass & vocals, Wheelie King falls somewhere in-between those two bands (sonically at least) while still retaining that post-grunge/punk-infused nineties alternative garage rock sound that I fondly remember from the first time around! This self-titled (and highly-recommend kids!) EP looks to be the long-anticipated follow-up to "Modern Avenues", but as an outsider looking in what do I know exactly? Anyway, Pete Halseth (guitar) and Tony Leskinen (drums) round things out for (still fiery) Wheelie King and if you head over here you can hear the group perform live....

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