Sunday, March 05, 2017

Madness Of Sorrow-"N.W.O. The Beginning"

W13 Digital Distribution

Hand-crafted from the reanimated remains of hard & heavy goth band Filthy Teens, Italy's Madness Of Sorrow is a (six year old) horror project that now features Prophet* (Diego Carnazzola) playing the role of lyricist and (lead) studio vocalist. Having already contributed to live performances in support of last year's "III: The Beast", the multifaceted Prophet fits right into the narrative with founding member Muriel Saracino (guitars, bass, and drums) handling everything else (up to and including locking the studio doors when the pair were finished later in the night). On the group's forth full-length album the lyrics reportedly depict "the corrupt sick system in which humanity is living, focusing specifically on corporations, sex and serial killers". As they are not always that clear cut and precise, Atomic Stuff Promotion's material for "N.W.O. The Beginning" will have to do. Otherwise, Murderdolls, Death SS, Marilyn Manson, Him, Cradle of Filth, and the Rob Zombie influences certainly come into play with regards to this (atmospheric) two-man army (as far as the acknowledged ones are concerned). But then again, Skinny Puppy, Bauhaus, Christian Death, Type O Negative, N.I.N., and maybe even a goth rock take on Ministry could all be applied to the selling points on the cover of Madness Of Sorrow's latest release and it's very likely that no one would blink an eye! So, what does it all mean? Well, minus the drum machines that you'd usually find on these kind of albums and with a wink or two aimed at death & black metal, "N.W.O. The Beginning" was my first taste of this spooky Italian export and (after some careful consideration) I liked how it made me feel. As soon as I get the chance and the pile of CDs** in front of me disappears, round two of  "N.W.O. The Beginning" will commence and it should leave me tipsy with enthusiasm! I await that private date with bells on....

*From what little I've heard of "III: The Beast" (more out of curiosity in regards to Prophet's first entrance as a studio front man than anything else), Muriel Saracino is better when he concentrates on the music and let's someone else have a go as lead singer.  

**CDs and mp3s. There's more to review than ever before!

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