Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Current playlist


Saw Virginia's LNT play to a sparse crowd in DIY place which was a cold attic the other day, but they put on a great show.

Current listening to-
LNT-Socially Dysfunctional (their latest, but a new one is supposed to come out soon)
Darkness-Defenders of justice (had not heard this one in ages)
Saxon- Power and the glory (playing in anticipation of seeing them with Priest in a few months)
Alice Cooper- The last temptation (had not heard this since it first came out in '94)
Argus-several (one of the best doom bands going today)
Conan-Man is myth (review maybe coming soon)
Speedclaw-Iron speed (review hopefully coming soon)

Reading-various cookbooks mostly

Castle season five
Twilight Zone the complete series
Football and hockey

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