Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Difficult to write

I have a few items drafted for my blog right now and one of them is the most difficult thing I have tried to write in the nine months I have been at this blog. It is my review of Dream Theater's Octavarium, the same review I originally hoped to finish two weeks ago. I have written and scrapped most of the review at least three times. Why? Because every time I start to write about Octavarium, I end up shooting off onto rant about why it is that since 1997 that Dream Theater have been unable to put out an album that rivals Images and Words or Awake. Is that point true? Yes, I am sure it is. Is it relevant to a review of their latest album? I think it is worth mentioning, but it should be towards the end and brief rather then the main point of the review. Is it fair to keep judging this band by the albums they did between 92 and 95? As a fan I would say yes to an extent. I accept their desire to experiment and change, but I don't think that is completely what they have done over the last four albums. More on that in my review. I vow that I will finish the review on this album by Saturday of this week. I will have it done even if it looks like a patch-work, Dr. Frankenstein creation made from bits and pieces of failed past attempts. Hopefully it will be a little better than that.


Blogger :P fuzzbox said...

I am sure that you will have it in good order. On your question of holding a band to it's previous outings. I will say that if a band puts out one stinker then they should not be judged overly harsh but if after several attempts the band is not able to recapture it's magic then maybe it is time for them as musicians to move on and try to find the magic elsewhere.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Ben Heller said...

It's the same for me sometimes. Some reviews just come so easily and then others just become a battle, especially the bad ones.

2:43 PM  
Blogger Jay Noel said... really take this stuff so seriously. Sometimes, it does help to take a step or two away from your writing when you get frustrated like that.

I would think it would easier to review something you don't like.

7:48 PM  
Blogger UnHoly Diver said...

I think, as fans, we get caught up in the style that made us like a band or artist. If that style changes, even a little bit, we're not always prepared for it, and it doesn't always go over well.

8:42 PM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

Fuzz-I think that I am getting focused on it now. It's hard for me with Dream Theater because they were one of the very few metal bands doing much worthwhile during the early-mid 90's. Yet I expected they would go on to do even greater things and I am not sure that they have.

Ben-Some things just almost write themselves and others take a few tries to get the write approach.

Phoenix-I don't think it's as much that I take it so serious as it is that I want to be honest and to the point. I have a tendency at times to rant and go off on a tangent and that's what I want to avoid.

Bruce-I think I can sometimes accept a new sound if it's a step forward or a venture into something different. What I really have problems accepting is when someone steps back and begins to sound like a shell of their former selves and trying to pass it off as a new direction. I am trying to figure out if that is what Dream Theater have done or not.

9:10 PM  
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