Friday, December 21, 2007

Electric Earth-Vol 2:Words Unspoken


I got this one a while back and just kind of skimmed through it because I had a lot of other cd's to go through as well. I believe that I blew it off because it didn't catch my attention immediately. Perhaps that wasn't a fair approach, but time constraints made it necessary. However now I am trying to clean up some CDs and get a bunch reviewed by the end of the year so I went back to this one and realized that I had underestimated it a little. It's fairly basic in it's approach and even a little subtle and perhaps that's why it didn't strike me much at first. Yet the second time around I would say that it's actually a fairly decent disc. I would classify it as sort of a stoner light sound not far from say Fireball Ministry or Sasquatch. However they are far more vibrant than Sasquatch and maybe a little less repetitive than Fireball Ministry. The songs are largely mid tempo or slightly slower with a moderate focus on the heaviness. The influences include Black Sabbath, Soundgarden and maybe even Alice in Chains. I like the sharp production and the way they tackle their songs right away with little build-up. The vocals are also a major plus and style of music thrives on good vocals. I would have liked to have seen them mix up the approach a little bit and take a few more risks. It was a little predictable at times, but not so much that it tainted the fact that this is a decent rock album. Now I wish that I noticed how good they were the first time around.


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