Saturday, March 01, 2008

Syndicate interview


Syndicate are from Virginia and I recently had the chance to talk to the band and find out more about them and what they are currently working on. The band are

-Tell us about how and when your band formed?

Our previous bassist, Daniel and Gary started the band. They then met up with Charles and then finally Mike. Daniel dropped out of the lineup in 2006 and that’s when Drew came into the band. Mike and Gary are actually cousins.

-How would you describe your music?

Innovative and intense, always coming up with different and new ways to play.
Hardcore, thrash and metal. TREND KILL! A combination of old school and new school heavy metal.

-You are working on an album. How has the whole recording process been going?

We haven’t actually starting recording yet. We go in the studio the first of February. Karma Productions in Richmond is handling our recording. Cory Smoot, who is the producer, is actually the guitarist from GWAR.

-Does your album have a title and a release date yet?

Yeah, it’s self-titled and February 23rd is the release date.

-Who have you opened for?

We’ve opened for Four To Nothing, a fellow Gloucester band. Also, Envy Insane and Diabase out of Fredericksburg. Just to name a few.

-What are your songs about?

Our songs mainly deal with death, destruction and self-destruction.

-What was one of the best or most exciting shows that you have played so far?

The NorVa show we did in December 2007 was really badass. It was the biggest show we had done so far. The crowd reaction always heightens the excitement level for us too.

-What would this band like to accomplish in 2008?

We’d like to concentrate mainly on building our fan base and spreading out more up and down the east coast.


-What is the music scene like in your area?

The music scene is pretty much like this, there are some bands that really have true talent but most are doing the same crap as everyone else. A lot of people are really lazy when it comes to supporting the local scene. It really doesn’t get much respect. It takes a lot to get people out to shows these days!

-What do you think your band is doing that sets you apart from others?

Well, we bring a lot of different influences to the table. We don’t put ourselves in one genre of music. We give 200% on stage and never let the people who came out to support us down. We just keep it real!

-What cover songs do you play live?

We really don’t do covers; there are a few that we have done on occasion. The Four Horsemen and Jump in the Fire by Metallica. We’ve done She Devil by Megadeth. We usually just stick to our original stuff.

-Pick the band from the following pair that you prefer and tell why.

Megadeth or Metallica

New Megadeth and old Metallica. Can’t choose between these two!

Pantera or Slayer

Pantera, they had a better groove and were a lot more original. Love Slayer but would have to say Pantera. Dimebag fuckin Darrell! Our song “Cast In the Shadow” is a tribute to him.

Thin Lizzy or Van Halen

Well, we’re split on this one! Mike and Gary say Van Halen. Eddie is a badass motherfucker! Drew says Thin Lizzy because they weren’t as pussy as Van Halen. The guitar was better in VH and probably the drums too but that’s it. Thin Lizzy had it all. Feel, style and attitude.

Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin

Black Sabbath was the first true, heavy metal band. They reinvented the game, a lot of respect to those guys.

-Is there anything else that you would like to say about your music?

If you like hard-hitting, badass, heavy metal, then we're just what you need. If you're sick of hearing the same desolate chords, breakdowns, crappy everything, screamo music, you should most definitely check us out! We're a band of metal heads for metal heads. We don't play what we think will sell; we play what sounds good to us. We're all about our fans, seeing everyone just forget about it all, and fucking let loose!

-Thanks to the band for doing this interview.


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